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We have expanded the footprint of our British market to bring you a fabulous selection of imported British groceries and sweets, along with house-made frozen specialties such as sausage roll and pasties, 50+ varieties of loose leaf teas, the cutest tea accessories, and lovely China teapots, cups, and mugs.  In addition, we have British candles, lotions, soaps, and other unique gifts that you won’t find just anywhere.  Stop in to look around – we can’t wait to see you!

We are proud to carry the finest bone China mugs from Dunoon Ceramics!  Their manufacturing process is extraordinary and results in mugs that are durable yet translucent, beautifully designed, and simply the best quality. Tea really does taste better out of these mugs – the bone content in the clay retains heat longer! Look and touch them in person and you will agree that they really are worth the price. Stop in often to browse our rotating selection.

At a Taste of Britain, we import the best grocery products from the United Kingdom for you to enjoy. Our inventory varies weekly based on product availability through our import companies. Below are some of the British staples that we try to keep in stock. We’re always getting in delicious new items for you to try, so please stop in and browse around to see our complete selection. And let us know if you are looking for something in particular — we’ll try to get it in for you!
If you’re making a special trip for one of the items you see below, it’s best to call us first to make sure that we have it in stock.
We still have a great selection of imported British Cadbury chocolates.   See you soon!



Walkers Crisps: Ready Salted, Cheese and Onion, Salt and Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail
Hula Hoops
Monster Munch



Bassetts Pear Drops
Bassetts Jelly Babies
Rowntree Fruit Pastilles, Fruit Gums, Randoms, Jelly Tots
Liquorice Allsorts
Simpkins Travel Sweets
Trebor Extra Strong Mints
Walkers Toffees
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Jams and Marmalades

Jams and Marmalades

Frank Cooper’s Oxford Original Marmalade
Duerr’s Preserves
Gales Lemon Curd
Tiptree Marmalades and Preserves
Biscuits and Cookies

Biscuits and Cookies


McVitie’s Digestives, Chocolate Digestives, Dark Chocolate Digestives
Jacob’s Jaffa Cakes
Jammie Dodgers
Tunnock’s Tea Cakes
Bourbon Creams
Walker’s Shortbreads
McVitie’s Rich Tea Biscuits
Wagon Wheels
Nairn’s Oatcakes
Yorkshire Pudding Mix
Scone Mix
Beans, Gravies, and Canned Goods

Beans, Gravies, and Canned Goods

Beans, Gravies, Pickle, Chutneys, Meats, Groceries

Batchelor’s Mushy Peas
Baxter’s Chutneys
Bisto Gravy Granules and Powder
Colman’s Mustard
Crosse and Blackwell Branston Pickle
Frozen Irish Bangers
Frozen Irish Bacon/Rashers
Heinz Baked Beans
Heinz Piccalilli
OXO Cubes
Beverages and Teas

Beverages and Teas

Beverages and Teas

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate
Taylor’s Teas
Horlick’s Original Malt
PG Tips (loose, bags, and decaf)
Ribena Blackcurrant Cordial
Robinson’s Squash
Yorkshire Gold and Yorkshire Red Label
Chocolates and Sweets

Chocolates and Sweets

Chocolates and Puddings

Aero Bar
Ambrosia Devon Custard
Bird’s Custard Powder
Cadbury Buttons
Cadbury Crunchie
Cadbury Flake
Cadbury Dairy Milk
Cadbury Roses
Lion Bar
Mars Bar
Quality Street
Turkish Delight