Donation Program

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These have been trying times for many of us, to say the least.

A Taste of Britain is happy to announce a donation program, made possible by our generous customers, and in partnership with several of our local community organizations.

Through your generous donations, we are able to provide jobs for our hardworking staff and also support the wonderful work done by so many of our neighboring organizations.

Many charitable organizations have been hit hard by the economic impact of COVID-19. We are excited to be able to support them, with your help!

Sincerely, Debbie & Edward

How it Works

  • You order a DONATION ITEM (or several!) through our online ordering platform.
  • A Taste of Britain works with local organizations in need of food. We’ll select a new organization every couple of weeks, and all donations during that time will support the specific posted organization.
  • A Taste of Britain uses the donated funds to put our folks to work preparing nutritious food for the selected organization. We do the coordinating to ensure that we provide exactly what the organization needs, and when.
  • A Taste of Britain delivers the food to the selected organization.
  • Lots of people are happy, thanks to you!

Current Partner: Wayne Senior Center

100% of donations received in June and July, 2020, will be used to buy meals for the Wayne Senior Center!

Our first round of donations will support our friends at the Wayne Senior Center!

The Wayne Senior Center is a vibrant and active organization that helps so many low-income seniors in our area. Did you know that the Wayne Senior Center provides meals to over 100 seniors in need every week? A Taste of Britain is excited to support their efforts in providing meals to our senior neighbors who are food insecure.

As donations come in, we will keep this page updated with how many meals we will be able to provide to the Wayne Senior Center. Thank you for supporting our efforts!